Mace Pepper Gun

Pepper spray has long been the non-lethal ranged weapon of choice for the cautious citizen. Pepper spray units are normally nothing more than a thin aerosol can with a finger nozzle, or, if you’re lucky, some sort of plastic trigger assembly. … Read More


Bulldog Cigar Case

Nothing protects your daily smokes with more class than Bulldog brand cigar cases ($175), made by Dunhill. They are made with smooth-finished genuine cow hide and embossed with the brand’s signature bulldog, Fab Diamond. Yes, the dog’s name is Fab … Read More


Stanley Classic Flask

Stanley is mostly known for making the thermos your great-grandfather used while sitting on a girder on top of a half-built Empire State Building. Stanley means rugged, hardworking, industrious, and beard. This is a flask you swig on after coming home … Read More

Lean Essentials Wallet

Lean Essentials Wallet

Handmade-to-order from a single strip of leather folded three times over, the Lean Essentials wallet is simple, personal, and stylish. It has three compartments, all adding up to an extremely slim wallet. The front compartment provides easy access to your most-used … Read More

EDC Timex Weekender

Timex Weekender

Affordable. Simple. Reliable. That’s the official Timex Weekender mantra that I just made up. This watch is so popular that it must be doing something right, right? Yes. To start, the Weekender’s face is classically elegant. Clear numbers, easy-to-read hands, … Read More