Bulldog Cigar Case


Nothing protects your daily smokes with more class than Bulldog brand cigar cases ($175), made by Dunhill. They are made with smooth-finished genuine cow hide and embossed with the brand’s signature bulldog, Fab Diamond. Yes, the dog’s name is Fab Diamond. Yes, you can get it engraved. Stop asking. For $175, you had better be able to get it engraved. The nice thing about this case, other than the case itself, which is super nice–like, take-it-golfing-with-a-king kind of nice–is that it telescopes to fit almost any sized cigar. And though it looks good right out of the box, it will look even better as the leather wears and warps to fit your most-used cigars. You can get these cases in brown, black, and vineyard purple. If you are a heavy smoker, rest assured. Dunhill offers cases that fit up to 4 cigars.


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