Mace Pepper Gun


Pepper spray has long been the non-lethal ranged weapon of choice for the cautious citizen. Pepper spray units are normally nothing more than a thin aerosol can with a finger nozzle, or, if you’re lucky, some sort of plastic trigger assembly. They are decidedly un-gun-like and do not look as cool as the Mace brand Pepper Gun.

I know you. You want your everyday carry to reflect your desire to protect yourself from threats such as: disenfranchised, dark-alley muggers with nothing to lose; rabid dogs; bears, grizzly or otherwise; small children with bad parents; bike messengers with no regard for traffic laws; and robots who for some reason have human eyes. But you don’t want to deal with guns, gun permits, gun training, buying a gun, or the police asking why you shot a bike messenger. The Mace Pepper Gun is perfect for you, with its sturdy metal construction, easy-to-aim design, and replaceable cartridges. The 20-foot stream of capsaicin-laced liquid it shoots is sure to bring tears of joy to your target’s eyes. The gun comes with two pepper spray cartridges and one practice water cartridge. You can buy the gun in multiple colors, including hot pink. Some models have a LED strobe light so you can blind your attacker before you blind him.


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