Rotring Mechanical Pencil Stylus


If you are going to carry around a  pencil, shouldn’t it be a pencil that can get run over by a truck and still draft a jet engine design on your iPad? Sure, the Rotring Mechanical Pencil costs $100, but, you know, if you’re not willing to spend $100 on a German pencil, what kind of patriotic American consumer are you? This blog is about quality, not frugality. A little about the pencil: it can write on paper, which is always a good feature for a pencil; it has a precision stylus for use on tablets; it looks cool and scary; and it doesn’t have an eraser, because the kind of person who buys a $100 pencil never makes writing  mistakes, just financial ones. Wait. Hold the phones. The Rotring Mechanical Pencil only costs $85 on Amazon. What a game-changing deal.



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