Stanley Classic Flask


Stanley is mostly known for making the thermos your great-grandfather used while sitting on a girder on top of a half-built Empire State Building. Stanley means rugged, hardworking, industrious, and beard. This is a flask you swig on after coming home from the mines. It’s build to last, with stainless steel lining, a sturdy shape, and an over-sized cap attachment. The Stanley Classic Flask ($17) has a deceptively smart design, especially for such an outwardly tough-looking container. That is because this is a practical flask for practical people. The wide mouth is made to be easy to fill without a funnel, and the slim profile makes it much easier to pocket than your average wide, curved flask. You can get this flask in Black, Red, Navy, or the Stanley signature hammered Green. Take it camping; take it for a night out; just please don’t drink on any girders.


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